Achieve Korean Dewy Skin with Healthy Lifestyle & Makeup

Korean skin is something that everyone wants to achieve nowadays. I know that it can be quite desirable for most of us, but it’s impossible to get skin like that naturally. Although we may not get such soft and smooth skin, we can manage it by using makeup. The idea does not seem that bad, right? In the back, we can keep trying to get the best version of our skin.

Achieve Korean Dewy Skin with Healthy Lifestyle & Makeup

First, let’s discuss the small changes that you can bring into your lifestyle and your skincare routine that can help you get that glowy skin naturally.

Lifestyle Changes

Food Habits

You know that Korean people love eating vegetables and green! They incorporate green in every meal, which may be a secret behind their healthy and glowing skin. They are fond of fruits as well, and they usually eat boiled dishes more than fried ones. Maybe you should also consider including these eating habits in your lifestyle.


They are very hardworking people, who like to work for hours and they do exercise as well. When you do exercise, your blood circulation increases through your body overall, which is not only good for your skin but your hair and your overall health as well. So I would recognize exercise as a tool to not only get into shape but to get beautiful and healthy skin and hair as well.


Do you know that Korean people typically take a bath at night every day, even in the winter? They follow many skincare precautions not to touch the face with dirty hands or to sanitize the hands whenever needed. If you can keep these small habits into practice, then it can bring some significant changes to the quality of your skin.

Apart from these general habits you need to understand the basics & essential of makeup for have a perfect Korean dewy skin.


Korean makeup base may be perfect for giving you that fantastic look, but if you have beautiful skin, then it’s an advantage of its own.

Prepare your skin using toner, gel, moisturizer, or serums, or a combination of some products according to your skin before getting into the makeup process. (more…)

How to Safely Remove OPI Gel Nail Colors at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged our lives like nothing else before. As it is not showing any signs of abating in the future, lockdowns have become the order of the day. Besides, please do not venture out unnecessarily, least of all, for a job as simple as a nail polish removal. Your OPI nail polish kit comes with a nail polish remover that you can safely use at home.

While hundreds of blogs explain how to apply OPI gel nail polish, you should also know how to remove OPI gel nail colors at home independently. Here is how you do it the traditional way without damaging your nails in any way. In many ways, you (quite literally) take the matter into your hands.

Before we start discussing how to remove OPI gel nail colors, here are some strict ‘DON’TS’ to follow:

Though the temptation to pick at your nails will always be present, you should refrain from doing so. You could damage your nails, and it could take weeks to heal.

Do not try to file off your nail polish using brute force, as it could result in chipping of the nail surface.

Here are some things you should be ready with while attempting a nail polish removal at home.

  • A nail file to chip at the nail polish gently.
  • A lot of ventilated space because acetone fumes can be harmful.
  • Your OPI gel nail polish kit with the nail polish remover.
  • A plastic or porcelain bowl.
  • Cotton balls and aluminum foils.
  • Cuticle oil or skin cream.
  • A Netflix connection (optional) to catch up with your Netflix queues while you complete the gel polish removal.

The Procedure – As simple as it looks

Choose the most ventilated area in your room

Your nail polish removal can take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. Besides, you will be handling acetone, a solution that can cause breathing issues if inhaled. Therefore, you should have a ventilated space to minimize the risk of inhaling acetone. As the process takes time, it should be perfect for catching up with your Netflix queues in the bargain. (more…)

How to DND Nail Polish Is Free from All Toxic Chemicals

In the days gone by, nail polish used to be made from organic chemicals found in plants and other similar sources. Over a period, intense business competition forced nail polish manufacturers to add fast and permanent colors to enhance nail manicures’ glitter and longevity. Unfortunately, it included the addition of toxic chemicals known for causing dangerous medical problems.

In the last decade, the awareness levels have increased in people. As a result, they started avoiding nail polish products containing harmful chemicals. Manufacturers also started advertising that their products are 3-free or 10-free. What do they mean by 3-free? It signifies that the nail polish product is free of the three most toxic chemicals generally found in nail polish. Reputed products like DND daisy gel polish offer such products free from poisonous materials.

Let us see what the three primary toxic chemicals, also known as carcinogens, are.


Toluene has been present in nail polish for a long time. About 30 years back, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel certified that Toluene was safe for use in cosmetic nail products as long as its concentration level did not exceed 50%. When the panel re-examined the data in 2005, they reaffirmed this fact. Does it entail that Toluene is safe? The answer is a big NO. (more…)

Hottest Nail Colors for Summer 2021

We just ended a devastating year, and everyone is looking forward to a successful and happy future. The year 2020 took a lot from us, but we have to find a way to live with the losses. Perhaps we were used to working from home such that we almost forgot that the look on our nails still matters. With no night outs, no office with colleagues, and most certainly no vacations, polishing our nails was bound to have made less meaning. However, in 2021 we should focus on rejuvenating ourselves and showing life that took a huge toll on us that we do not give up such easily. Summer is coming, and you need to be prepared with the best nail design and colors that will make your festive more glamorous.

Luckily, we are always with you every step of the way to guide you on the best and safest products for every occasion. For your manicure this summer, you can try Kiara sky, SNS, and DND gel polish, or any other nail polish from your favorite manufacturer. We want you to rock with the classiest and most luxurious SNS, Kiara sky, or DND nails. To see this through, we have compiled a list of the most highly rated and hottest summer nail colors for 2021 that you should definitely try out.

Top Nail Colors for Summer

Vibrant Yellow

Ask the professionals to recommend the best summer color, and they will definitely refer you to vibrant yellow. Besides giving you an out of this world look, its other purpose is to make a statement uniquely. Vibrant yellow is a great summer color option for 2021 because it fills you with enlightenment, hope, and happiness. After the monstrous 2020 pandemic, this luminous color is what you need in this year’s summer for your manicure because it paves the way for healing and rejuvenation. It will be great for your summer festival, barbeque, and your every other summer plan. (more…)

Top 5 Best Home Health Care Products That Make Living Healthy Easy

Best Home Health Care Products

In today’s world, diseases and infections have become very common due to various reasons. These could be exposure to polluted environments, unhygienic food or stressful lifestyles. Because of all these things, it is important to take necessary measures and take sufficient care of yourself so you can do all your routine chores effectively without having any health related issues. There are a number of ways that can help you take care of your health from the comfort of your own home. Some of these products are given below which you should definitely try out.

Tangxia Traditional Jet Nebulizer

Amazon best-selling product B0811PG398

If you have encountered breathing or lungs related issues a number of times or if you just catch a flu every other day, this nebulizer is something you must have in your home. It is the most effective way to take your nasal aerosol medications. This high power operating product will break the aerosol into a very fine mist which can be easily inhaled and will give instant relief from any type of nasal or respiratory congestion. It is equally effective for people of all ages and can be easily operated as it has no setting up or installation mechanism.

Electric Handheld Percussion Muscle Massager

Amazon best-selling product B07ZC5YPTS

Almost everyone experiences muscle pain especially after a long day of office work. This massager is perfect to give you a relaxing effect. It comes with a number of head attachments which are suitable to be used on different areas of the body with convenience. The speed of the massager can be easily adjusted and it is extremely easy to carry. Say goodbye to all the muscular pains using this amazing product.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

Amazon best-selling product B00V9JP8EE

Everyone needs relaxation and peace in their surroundings in today’s world of hustle and bustle.You definitely need to try the best essential oil diffuser night light which will provide you with the perfect humidification of the surrounding air along with beautiful and calming light effects. It slowly distributes the aroma of essential oils in the surrounding, allowing you to relax your mind. It is also a great way to beat insomnia and get a calming sleep. The diffuser has different mist and color modes so you can adjust according to your preferences. (more…)

Top 6 Best Shapewear for Tummy And Waist 2020

Best Shapewear for Tummy And Waist

Instant slimming or boosting your workout efforts and shaping your waist are possible using influential waist-trimming shapers. They not only offer aesthetic advantages but also support the health of your back and help you lead a painless life. Especially people with lumbar issues and postpartum women have several advantages.

Whatever is your reason, every woman deserves to look beautiful, and so do you. Check out these high-quality body shapers of various types to find the one that suits you.

YIANNA Women Waist Trainer Belt

Amazon best-selling product B01M8PPW8L

The waist trimmer belt helps you lose belly fat by maximizing your burn while you walk, run, or go cycling. It helps you achieve an hourglass shape using its compression control and the heating effect that improves metabolism and burns the fat.

This tummy tucker does not dig into your skin and comes with Velcro closure for easy adjustment. As it stretches well at appropriate places, it provides ample support to your back and lumbar support.

Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

Amazon best-selling product B07YNXVGPD

The shapewear shorts with a high waist offer you bottom lift and tummy tuck with a slimmer waist. It’s lightweight and breathable fabric helps you wear it all day comfortably. The anti-slip strip is made of silicone that stays intact without rolling down.

As it is seamless, you cannot see any visible lines under your clothing. Since it holds your tummy up and has no gap for bulges, your body looks streamlined and perfectly shaped.

ECOWALSON Waist Trainer for Women Corset Cincher Body Shaper

Amazon best-selling product B081HWSQGW

The corset body trainer with hook and loop closure offers secure fastening that adapts well when you bend or move. Also, it contains 9 Flexi steel bones with fish scale memory for complete support and flexibility of movement. Your skin finds it comfortable as this shapewear is made of cotton and spandex.

It is convenient to sit while wearing it due to its long front and short back. It is the best waist trainer for long torso as it works by promoting blood circulation and improving your metabolism. If you pair it with a balanced diet and moderate exercise, you can achieve healthy waist-trimming results. (more…)

Why Stepping Stories Work with Young Children

Why Stepping Stories™ Work with Young Children

Children’s stories are deeply embedded in Western culture. Studies show that if kids can identify with “iconic” pictures, they increase their comprehension and are able to replicate the action of the story. As a result, Stepping Stories™ are effective tools for teaching novel concepts in early childhood.

The Personalized Egocentric Phase

Personalized stories work because young children are in a developmental phase where their capacity to project themselves into a fictional character is emerging. This egocentric phase means they can see  only their own perspective. This is why children under three and half will often play hide and seek by hiding in plain sight and covering their own eyes. According to Jean Piaget, during this egocentrism phase,“The child… has not yet discovered the multiplicity of possible perspectives and remains blind to all but his own as if that were the only one possible.”

During this phase, children relish reading stories in which they appear as the main character. A Stepping Story will describe a change a child’s life in a realistic, recognizable, and personalized way, allowing the child to anticipate and prepare for the transition. The child can also project him or herself into the story more easily than if the story were generalized or abstracted around a fictional character.

Repetition for Mastery and Self-Confidence

Young children learn best through repetition and are hard wired to request and enjoy it. Studies show improvements in comprehension, novel word acquisition and ability to repeat actions after multiple exposure to the same stories. Children play in repetitive ways as they develop confidence and a sense of mastery.

Studies have examined how repeated exposure to stories is correlated with improved ability to perform a multiple step task and heightened performance on comprehension questions. Children as young as one year learn novel words from repeated exposure to picture books.

How External Story Books Become Internalized: The Inner Script

Children internalize external messages that are delivered through stories. The simple structure, personalized pictures and repeated delivery of Stepping Stories™ help outside messages move inside. Once the message of the book becomes the child’s inner script,  it allows the child to face change armed with a coping strategy and increased confidence.

Horst, J., Parsons, K.,  and Bryna, N.  (2011). Get the Story Straight: Contextual Repetition Promotes Word Learning form Front Psychol. 2011; 2: 17. Kesselring, T., & Müller, U. (2011). The concept of egocentrism in the context of Piaget’s theory. in New Ideas in Psychology, 29(3), 327-345. 
Piaget, 1926/1929, p. 167  in Kesselring, T., & Müller, U. (2011). The concept of egocentrism in the context of Piaget’s theory. in New Ideas in Psychology, 29(3), 327-345
Crawley et al., 1999, for a similar effect, see Mares, 2006

Social Emotional Development in Young Children

Social emotional development is an emerging area of focus amongst educators, parents and therapists. The term describes a child’s emerging abilities to recognize, express and regulate his or her emotions. Social emotional development describes the set of skills and abilities that allow a child to form meaningful and reciprocal relationships. These skills have been shown to significantly impact a child’s ability to develop and succeed in the cognitive and academic realms.

“Infants experience, express, and perceive emotions before they fully understand them,” explains the California Department of Education. “In learning to recognize, label, manage, and communicate their emotions and to perceive and attempt to understand the emotions of others, children build skills that connect them with family, peers, teachers, and the community.”

Stepping Stories™ are designed to foster social emotional development in young children. Each story targets a specific step in a child’s development and helps him or her develop impulse control, empathy, self awareness, and confidence in the face of change or challenge. 

Empathy & Relationship

Each Stepping Story™ nurtures a child’s social emotional development by helping the child cope with unfamiliar or challenging events. Because Stepping Stories™ are read to children by parents and caregivers, the relationship component is inherent. The stories use specific, emotion-based language to articulate the child and caregiver’s feelings as they face change and visualize success. The child, as the both the hero and the audience of the story, reinforces and strengthens his or her connection and attachment to the parent or caregiver.

“Early experiences can build a strong foundation or a fragile one, and can affect the way children react and respond to the world around them for the rest of their lives,” explains the Boston Children’s Foundation. At Stepping Stories™, we recognize the important of these early experience and are committed to delivering a tool that helps parents set a solid foundation for social emotional development and growth.

Social Emotional Development: Fostering Self Confidence

Breaking large or difficult tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks is one of the best things that a parent can do to foster self confidence in a child. If a child perceives a task as too difficult, he will likely avoid it altogether. According to Zero to Three, “When you help your child break down these challenging tasks into smaller steps, he is much more likely to feel confident that he can tackle them. You are also teaching your child how to use this strategy to accomplish the many big tasks he will face as he grows.”

Each Stepping Story™ uses this simple method of breaking down a larger event or situation into a series of simple, easy steps. As we remind parents in every book, modeling self confidence is critical to helping your child develop it. “When you go with your child into a new situation or to meet a new person,” explains Zero to Three, “if you look calm, confident and happy, it lets him know this is safe, good place or person and he is more likely to feel safe and confident as well.”

For example, in our story about Food Allergies, we break what might be a complex and intimidating task into simple components. The story helps the child develop awareness of how his body might react if he eats an allergen and outlines who to tell and what to say if that does happen.  At the end, we provide a prompt for the child to practice saying the words he might need if he experiences an allergic reaction.

Each Stepping Story™ ends by affirming the child’s growing capabilities and articulates feelings of pride and love between the parent and child as he gains new skills.  In conjunction with repeated reading, these positive outcomes set the stage for the child’s growing self-confidence as he approaches his next developmental step.