Achieve Korean Dewy Skin with Healthy Lifestyle & Makeup

Korean skin is something that everyone wants to achieve nowadays. I know that it can be quite desirable for most of us, but it’s impossible to get skin like that naturally. Although we may not get such soft and smooth skin, we can manage it by using makeup. The idea does not seem that bad, right? In the back, we can keep trying to get the best version of our skin.

Achieve Korean Dewy Skin with Healthy Lifestyle & Makeup

First, let’s discuss the small changes that you can bring into your lifestyle and your skincare routine that can help you get that glowy skin naturally.

Lifestyle Changes

Food Habits

You know that Korean people love eating vegetables and green! They incorporate green in every meal, which may be a secret behind their healthy and glowing skin. They are fond of fruits as well, and they usually eat boiled dishes more than fried ones. Maybe you should also consider including these eating habits in your lifestyle.


They are very hardworking people, who like to work for hours and they do exercise as well. When you do exercise, your blood circulation increases through your body overall, which is not only good for your skin but your hair and your overall health as well. So I would recognize exercise as a tool to not only get into shape but to get beautiful and healthy skin and hair as well.


Do you know that Korean people typically take a bath at night every day, even in the winter? They follow many skincare precautions not to touch the face with dirty hands or to sanitize the hands whenever needed. If you can keep these small habits into practice, then it can bring some significant changes to the quality of your skin.

Apart from these general habits you need to understand the basics & essential of makeup for have a perfect Korean dewy skin.


Korean makeup base may be perfect for giving you that fantastic look, but if you have beautiful skin, then it’s an advantage of its own.

Prepare your skin using toner, gel, moisturizer, or serums, or a combination of some products according to your skin before getting into the makeup process.

Always use a hydrating primer to get that silky skin look before applying any sort of foundation. You can even opt for BB cream to get that extra younger look.

Use a sponge or beauty blender to apply foundation to get that even look.

Don’t go overboard with the eye makeup if your goal is to look youthful like the Koreans. You can even use eyeliner for sensitive skin if you have sensitive skin around the eye area.


If you want to get dewy glass skin like the Koreans, then you need to take skincare as seriously as the Korean people as well. They usually start to take care of the skin from the very beginning.

Toner, Essence, And Serums

A big part of their skincare regime are these three things, but you don’t need to buy Korean products to get the same results. You already have brands that make these things in various countries. If you are too skeptical about using any product, just grab natural pure rose water and start using it as a toner. A bottle of rose water is used correctly, and if the product quality is good, it has the power to change your drastically.

Chemical Exfoliant

The glass skin trend started in Korea, and those several step processes included using a chemical exfoliant. Sometimes physical exfoliants can be a little harsh, especially on sensitive skin. Therefore it can be a fantastic way to get rid of all the dead skin cells quickly.


Moisturizer should be used every day to keep your skin soft and supple. A moisturizer will not only keep your skin soft but giving it hydration will keep the aging process delayed as well.


Don’t forget to take care of your skin or don’t take it for granted. Your body is just as important as everything else.