Ultimate Guide to Get Bright and Glowing Skin

A bright and glowing skin is everyone’s desire. Bright skin is not hard to achieve if you take care of your skin properly and do not let the darkening factors act on your skin.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various reasons for skin darkening and how you can prevent it using some skincare products. These are easy to use, routine products and you can easily adopt them in your daily routine. So let’s not wait anymore and have a look at these.

Ultimate Guide to Get Bright and Glowing Skin

Reasons of skin darkening

Skin can get dark due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, poor moisturization can make your skin dark and dull. Areas of skin such as under eyes usually get dark due to this reason.

Secondly, an excessive exposure to sunlight can also increase the pigment content in your skin. It can be majorly because of the harmful radiations which act as oxidants and damage the skin cells. This results in skin darkening.

Another major reason for skin darkening could be hyperpigmentation. This is a phenomenon in which your skin starts producing high content of pigment, resulting in dark patches all over your face.

Which products can help you and how to use them

Now coming towards the products. There are a number of skincare products which come with whitening and brightening ingredients. Let’s check out a few of these products.

Whitening soap

Choosing a skin whitening soap great for people who experience dark patches, acne scars or aging spots on their skin. This soap is great to reduce all the signs and makes your skin glowing. It is also a great way to eliminate all the trapped dirt and grime from your skin, giving a clean and fresh look. (more…)

Is DND DC a New Breakthrough in the Nail Industry?

Gel nail polish is the best-selling product line in the nail market, every year, they bring a significant source of revenue and profit for famous nail polish brands. But it is also an opportunity for small traders to sell poor quality products and namely fake nail gel polish to the market. Many girls, due to lack of care or lack of understanding and buying the wrong product, have inadvertently made their own health seriously deteriorate. Therefore, in this article, let’s find out what is gel polish? Then go find out about DND DC gel nail polish – a good gel polish that suits most girls in the world!

Is DND DC a New Breakthrough in the Nail Industry

So What Is Gel Nail Colors Polish?

Gel nail polish is a new improvement of regular nail polish, it was born later but is very popular and quickly gaining popularity around the world, gel nail polish has the same amount of colors like regular nail polishes. However, gel polish needs to use a UV or LED lamp to dry, it can’t dry by itself, but the advantage is that it will only take you from 60 seconds to 120 seconds to cure each hand under an LED or UV lamp. Then you’ll have a perfectly polished-beautiful nail set. (more…)

The Right Way to Apply Nugenesis Dip Nail Extensions

Nail extensions look great and make you appear a fashionista but only if you apply them right. You want them to look natural, but that takes a lot of work. One little mistake and all your efforts would have the opposite effect. You also need all the quality things like Nugenesis nail powder to ensure the best results. However, all these things would not make any difference if you don’t apply them properly.

The Right Way to Apply Nugenesis Dip Nail Extensions

How to Apply Nugenesis Dip Nail Extensions

Cleanse and Sanitize hands

Start by washing your hand thoroughly to make sure there is no dust and they are clean. It not only makes your hands germs-free but makes it easy to follow the next steps. (more…)

The Ideal Nourishing Beauty Skincare for Dry Skin

Dry skin experiences a great loss of nourishment and nutrients. Not only that, it is also always lacking in shine and glow that is necessary for the beauty of your skin. For getting beautiful , glamorous, attractive, soft and nourished skin, it is very important to take special care of it. Dry skin has to be very much well treated in order to get the perfect look. We compiled a few tips and ideas for you so that your dry skin can become supple and healthy. Along with that, these tips will also help you get a beautiful and presentable look.

Skincare for Dry Skin

Tips to get the perfect makeup look

For dry skin, the main problem arises with the setting of foundation or base. Normally it happens that the base flakes out and leaves dry patches. This makes it very hard for other products to stay on the skin for longer. You need to use a good primer that is a combination of oily and water based ingredients. This combo makes it much easier for products to clinge the rough surface of the skin. Another useful way is to use a BB cream for setting the base. BB creams are much more creamy in nature. They blend very well and become part of the skin with just a few dabs of a sponge. You should try out the best Korean BB cream for dry skin and check out the wonders it does. Match it with your skin tone and try to blend it gently in a soft touch manner. Don’t be too aggressive on your skin as it can bring out the flakes. Set it with a mineral based compact powder.

How to get a beautiful healthy glow

Dry skin often appears dull and faded. It shows very little signs of glow and shine. It’s health also appears devastated. There are few things you can do to regain it’s health and glow.

  • Always apply your products in an upward massaging motion. In this way, you can also uplift your cells and exfoliate them. They will also get greater blood circulation with this act.
  • Eat healthy food. Prefer green vegetables and fresh juices. Do not eat very much fried food and they can act as oxidants and kill your skin cells.
  • Use products that are a mix of water and oil based formulation. This is a great way to provide your skin with hydration as well as nourishing oils and minerals.


Gelixir Soak Off Nail Polish 

Are you a newbie that loves trying out new things? Oh! You love that shining nail on your cousin’s fingers, and you can not wait to display your pin after polishing. Worry less because Gelixir soak off colors is the best for you. They are easy to use and do not stain hands.

However, having adequate knowledge on how to use it is as necessary as how to remove it to prevent it from damaging your nails.  I know you will be wondering if it is worth it; yes, it does because having neatly manicured nails you can proudly display is pride on its own, let alone soak-off polished nails that shine brighter on your fingers.

Interestingly, soak-off gel nail application is straightforward to do, unlike other traditional counterparts. Here are the steps you need to take for beautiful soak-off nail colors:

  • Select and apply the soak-off  color of your choice
  • Brush your cuticle lightly to the free edge just the way you do polish your nails
  • Apply a thin straight gel. It may not give you the neat pin you want if you apply thick gel so take note.

Why should I choose Gelixir Soak off nail Color Polish?

Soak-off nail polish has the same method of application, just like regular nail polish, with each layer that is cured under a LED lamp for nearly 30 seconds and up to a minute under a traditional UV lamp. The nails are placed under this light for it to dry before putting another layer on it. (more…)

Achieve Korean Dewy Skin with Healthy Lifestyle & Makeup

Korean skin is something that everyone wants to achieve nowadays. I know that it can be quite desirable for most of us, but it’s impossible to get skin like that naturally. Although we may not get such soft and smooth skin, we can manage it by using makeup. The idea does not seem that bad, right? In the back, we can keep trying to get the best version of our skin.

Achieve Korean Dewy Skin with Healthy Lifestyle & Makeup

First, let’s discuss the small changes that you can bring into your lifestyle and your skincare routine that can help you get that glowy skin naturally.

Lifestyle Changes

Food Habits

You know that Korean people love eating vegetables and green! They incorporate green in every meal, which may be a secret behind their healthy and glowing skin. They are fond of fruits as well, and they usually eat boiled dishes more than fried ones. Maybe you should also consider including these eating habits in your lifestyle.


They are very hardworking people, who like to work for hours and they do exercise as well. When you do exercise, your blood circulation increases through your body overall, which is not only good for your skin but your hair and your overall health as well. So I would recognize exercise as a tool to not only get into shape but to get beautiful and healthy skin and hair as well.


Do you know that Korean people typically take a bath at night every day, even in the winter? They follow many skincare precautions not to touch the face with dirty hands or to sanitize the hands whenever needed. If you can keep these small habits into practice, then it can bring some significant changes to the quality of your skin.

Apart from these general habits you need to understand the basics & essential of makeup for have a perfect Korean dewy skin.


Korean makeup base may be perfect for giving you that fantastic look, but if you have beautiful skin, then it’s an advantage of its own.

Prepare your skin using toner, gel, moisturizer, or serums, or a combination of some products according to your skin before getting into the makeup process. (more…)

How to Safely Remove OPI Gel Nail Colors at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged our lives like nothing else before. As it is not showing any signs of abating in the future, lockdowns have become the order of the day. Besides, please do not venture out unnecessarily, least of all, for a job as simple as a nail polish removal. Your OPI nail polish kit comes with a nail polish remover that you can safely use at home.

While hundreds of blogs explain how to apply OPI gel and lacquer combo, you should also know how to remove OPI gel nail colors at home independently. Here is how you do it the traditional way without damaging your nails in any way. In many ways, you (quite literally) take the matter into your hands.

Before we start discussing how to remove OPI gel nail colors, here are some strict ‘DON’TS’ to follow:

Though the temptation to pick at your nails will always be present, you should refrain from doing so. You could damage your nails, and it could take weeks to heal.

Do not try to file off your nail polish using brute force, as it could result in chipping of the nail surface.

Here are some things you should be ready with while attempting a nail polish removal at home.

  • A nail file to chip at the nail polish gently.
  • A lot of ventilated space because acetone fumes can be harmful.
  • Your OPI gel nail polish kit with the nail polish remover.
  • A plastic or porcelain bowl.
  • Cotton balls and aluminum foils.
  • Cuticle oil or skin cream.
  • A Netflix connection (optional) to catch up with your Netflix queues while you complete the gel polish removal.

The Procedure – As simple as it looks

Choose the most ventilated area in your room

Your nail polish removal can take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. Besides, you will be handling acetone, a solution that can cause breathing issues if inhaled. Therefore, you should have a ventilated space to minimize the risk of inhaling acetone. As the process takes time, it should be perfect for catching up with your Netflix queues in the bargain. (more…)

How to DND Nail Polish Is Free from All Toxic Chemicals

In the days gone by, nail polish used to be made from organic chemicals found in plants and other similar sources. Over a period, intense business competition forced nail polish manufacturers to add fast and permanent colors to enhance nail manicures’ glitter and longevity. Unfortunately, it included the addition of toxic chemicals known for causing dangerous medical problems.

In the last decade, the awareness levels have increased in people. As a result, they started avoiding nail polish products containing harmful chemicals. Manufacturers also started advertising that their products are 3-free or 10-free. What do they mean by 3-free? It signifies that the nail polish product is free of the three most toxic chemicals generally found in nail polish. Reputed products like DND daisy gel polish offer such products free from poisonous materials.

Let us see what the three primary toxic chemicals, also known as carcinogens, are.


Toluene has been present in nail polish for a long time. About 30 years back, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel certified that Toluene was safe for use in cosmetic nail products as long as its concentration level did not exceed 50%. When the panel re-examined the data in 2005, they reaffirmed this fact. Does it entail that Toluene is safe? The answer is a big NO. (more…)

Hottest Nail Colors for Summer 2021

We just ended a devastating year, and everyone is looking forward to a successful and happy future. The year 2020 took a lot from us, but we have to find a way to live with the losses. Perhaps we were used to working from home such that we almost forgot that the look on our nails still matters. With no night outs, no office with colleagues, and most certainly no vacations, polishing our nails was bound to have made less meaning. However, in 2021 we should focus on rejuvenating ourselves and showing life that took a huge toll on us that we do not give up such easily. Summer is coming, and you need to be prepared with the best nail design and colors that will make your festive more glamorous.

Luckily, we are always with you every step of the way to guide you on the best and safest products for every occasion. For your manicure this summer, you can try Kiara sky, SNS, and DND gel polish, or any other nail polish from your favorite manufacturer. We want you to rock with the classiest and most luxurious SNS, Kiara sky, or DND nails. To see this through, we have compiled a list of the most highly rated and hottest summer nail colors for 2021 that you should definitely try out.

Top Nail Colors for Summer

Vibrant Yellow

Ask the professionals to recommend the best summer color, and they will definitely refer you to vibrant yellow. Besides giving you an out of this world look, its other purpose is to make a statement uniquely. Vibrant yellow is a great summer color option for 2021 because it fills you with enlightenment, hope, and happiness. After the monstrous 2020 pandemic, this luminous color is what you need in this year’s summer for your manicure because it paves the way for healing and rejuvenation. It will be great for your summer festival, barbeque, and your every other summer plan. (more…)

Top 5 Best Home Health Care Products That Make Living Healthy Easy

Best Home Health Care Products

In today’s world, diseases and infections have become very common due to various reasons. These could be exposure to polluted environments, unhygienic food or stressful lifestyles. Because of all these things, it is important to take necessary measures and take sufficient care of yourself so you can do all your routine chores effectively without having any health related issues. There are a number of ways that can help you take care of your health from the comfort of your own home. Some of these products are given below which you should definitely try out.

Tangxia Traditional Jet Nebulizer

Amazon best-selling product B0811PG398


If you have encountered breathing or lungs related issues a number of times or if you just catch a flu every other day, this nebulizer is something you must have in your home. It is the most effective way to take your nasal aerosol medications. This high power operating product will break the aerosol into a very fine mist which can be easily inhaled and will give instant relief from any type of nasal or respiratory congestion. It is equally effective for people of all ages and can be easily operated as it has no setting up or installation mechanism.

Electric Handheld Percussion Muscle Massager

Amazon best-selling product B07ZC5YPTS


Almost everyone experiences muscle pain especially after a long day of office work. This massager is perfect to give you a relaxing effect. It comes with a number of head attachments which are suitable to be used on different areas of the body with convenience. The speed of the massager can be easily adjusted and it is extremely easy to carry. Say goodbye to all the muscular pains using this amazing product.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

Amazon best-selling product B00V9JP8EE


Everyone needs relaxation and peace in their surroundings in today’s world of hustle and bustle.You definitely need to try the best essential oil diffuser night light which will provide you with the perfect humidification of the surrounding air along with beautiful and calming light effects. It slowly distributes the aroma of essential oils in the surrounding, allowing you to relax your mind. It is also a great way to beat insomnia and get a calming sleep. The diffuser has different mist and color modes so you can adjust according to your preferences. (more…)