Indoor and Outdoor Tanning Lotions: A Complete Guide

You can’t have a sensibly planned vacation without considering the sun. It’s not enough to plan your day-to-day activities and make sure you pack your sunscreen, you also need to know which type of tanning lotion is best for different outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, or skiing. This article will help guide you through the confusing world of tanning lotions so that you can be prepared no matter where your travels may take you.

Indoor and Outdoor Tanning Lotions

Why Are Tanning Lotions Important?

Tanning lotions (also known as self-tanners) play an important part in the tanning process, not just for achieving that golden look but also to help protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

What Are the Different Types of Tanning Lotions Available?

There are many different types of self-tanners to choose from, but there are basically two main categories: indoor and outdoor. The first one is used mainly in salons or at home while sunbathing to achieve that golden look, while outdoor bronzers or self-tanners can be also applied on the beach for a darker shade (they contain natural UVA/UVB filters). So depending on where you want to use it, you should pick up either indoor tanning lotions or outdoor ones.

Here Are the Main Differences Between Them:

If you want to have radiant skin even without exposure to the sun, the best indoor tanning lotion to get dark fast is the first choice you can refer to. You don’t need to rub these products into your skin as you do with other types of bronzers; they will blend in by themselves. These contain DHA which is responsible for the color change. Avoid using them if you have irritated skin or open pores.

Outdoor tanning lotions work just like indoor ones but they also offer some level of protection against UV rays since they contain natural UVA/UVB filters (usually green tea extract) – especially if you are planning to go for a long exposure under the sun. They can also be used on the face and neck area, but they are not recommended to treat wrinkles or fine lines.

Other types of tanning lotions include no streak self-tanners which are applied just like regular moisturizers, gradual tanners that work by making your skin color gradually darker over several days of exposure to the sun (or artificial UV), highlighters that give more radiance to your complexion while at the same time darkening it just a bit. There is an enormous choice when it comes to buying these products; however, many people have a favorite one that they use again and again because it gives them the desired results.

How to Choose a Good Tanning Lotion for You?

First of all, if possible, go to a specialized store and ask for help from an experienced salesman – let him know what your main objectives are (to achieve a natural look or get darker). Pay attention to the ingredients too, as some people may have allergies or sensitive skin which reacts badly with certain products. An indoor sunless tanner should not contain any artificial preservatives such as parabens. You can also make an appointment at a beauty salon in your area and try out different types of self-tanners before making a purchase.

The next step is to determine your skin type so it is important to identify yours. If yours is excessively pale, choosing the best outdoor tanning lotion for pale skin is recommended for you. It will give the desired, attractive look without making it look orange or scaly.

The color of the tanning lotion is also important. Some people prefer to have a light golden brown shade while others want something darker. There are many different colors to choose from so it all depends on your preference.


Tanning lotions come in a variety of options to choose from. It is recommended to have a look at all the ingredients and specifications of the product you are choosing so you can get the desired results.