“Ella May is 2 1/2 and used to scream to even go in her room. Now she wants to read the book herself! She knows it by heart. I’m not sure what it is about this book but it saved us!”

– Justina Breton, Mom & Happy Customer

“Thank you Stepping Stories! After reading his specialized story these past few days, Jimmy had a very successful potty experience.”

– Jamie Gardner, Mom & Child Psychiatrist

“I read the Bedtime book with Miles he loved it! All about ‘his’ story!”

– Mark Durgin, Dad

“Stepping Stories™ personalized books help children develop the social and emotional skills they need to work through life’s challenges and transitions.”

– Dr. Susan Lipkins, Mom & Child Psychologist

“Ever since reading the bedtime book, both twins say, “We need to go to sleep so we have ENERGY for tomorrow!” That’s been huge for us, that they have their own understanding and “buy in” for going to sleep.”

– Holly Buchanan, Mom

“My son is only two years old, so it’s been very difficult explaining to him what he is allergic to and how he can stay safe. Finally I have a tool that really works.”

– Jennifer McVey, Mom