Is DND DC a New Breakthrough in the Nail Industry?

Gel nail polish is the best-selling product line in the nail market, every year, they bring a significant source of revenue and profit for famous nail polish brands. But it is also an opportunity for small traders to sell poor quality products and namely fake nail gel polish to the market. Many girls, due to lack of care or lack of understanding and buying the wrong product, have inadvertently made their own health seriously deteriorate. Therefore, in this article, let’s find out what is gel polish? Then go find out about DND DC gel nail polish – a good gel polish that suits most girls in the world!

Is DND DC a New Breakthrough in the Nail Industry

So What Is Gel Nail Colors Polish?

Gel nail polish is a new improvement of regular nail polish, it was born later but is very popular and quickly gaining popularity around the world, gel nail polish has the same amount of colors like regular nail polishes. However, gel polish needs to use a UV or LED lamp to dry, it can’t dry by itself, but the advantage is that it will only take you from 60 seconds to 120 seconds to cure each hand under an LED or UV lamp. Then you’ll have a perfectly polished-beautiful nail set.

Gel color nail polish is usually thicker than regular nail polish, creating a rounder and fuller feel for each nail as well as you only need to apply 2 layers is enough. In addition, gel nail polish also has a variety of colors and as many colors as regular nail polish, but the color quality of gel polish is shiny and has the ability to hold color longer than the ordinary nail polish colors.

With the advantages, which have just listed, gel color polish nails are definitely the first choice of many people, especially busy women who want nails that are both durable and beautiful! Grasping that mentality, many famous nail polish brands such as DND, OPI, SNS, LDS, Nugenesis and a bright rookie like Lavis Nails today have launched many product lines and gel – nail collections. Extremely unique nails, including DND and the introduction of DND DC gel.

Is DND DC a New Breakthrough in the Nail Industry?

DND is a nail polish company that has a certain and very strong foothold on the ranking of the most famous nail brands in the US and in the hearts of beauty believers! It is not wrong to say that DND is always in the top 5 most popular nail polish brands every year in the US. Products are 100% made in the US, so they are absolutely safe for nails and the health of manicurists and nail salon’s customers. The ingredients in DND’s products are imported and distributed in the US, the products sold by DND and reputable nail supplies are strictly tested before reaching customers.

Affirming its position in the market and in the hearts of customers over the years, DND Daisy has continued its development with a new product line – inheriting the quintessence of the traditional DND nail gel polish line and added outstanding advantages with a new, more luxurious nail polish bottle design, it is DND DC gel nail polish!

The advantages of DND Daisy gel polish are no longer strange to customers, it is so famous, recently, DND DC gel has inherited those advantages and being added vitamins, nutrients to nourishing and helps to strengthen your nails, avoid damage or breakage. With a price just slightly higher than the traditional gel polish product line of $1. DND DC gel nail polish’s bottles with delicate design, shiny 18K gold plated on both the body and the entire bottle cap, the company logo running along the body of the bottle brings a lot more luxury, it should definitely be one of the items. you must add to your collection.

Final Thought

DND DC gel polish colors can help women have more beautiful nail designs and can keep your nails long for at least 3 weeks or up to 31 days, depending on how each woman takes care of them. With gel polish, women can comfortably do daily activities such as washing hair, washing clothes, washing dishes, cooking… without worrying about the gel layer peeling off.