Gelixir Soak Off Nail Polish 

Are you a newbie that loves trying out new things? Oh! You love that shining nail on your cousin’s fingers, and you can not wait to display your pin after polishing. Worry less because Gelixir soak off colors is the best for you. They are easy to use and do not stain hands.

However, having adequate knowledge on how to use it is as necessary as how to remove it to prevent it from damaging your nails.  I know you will be wondering if it is worth it; yes, it does because having neatly manicured nails you can proudly display is pride on its own, let alone soak-off polished nails that shine brighter on your fingers.

Interestingly, soak-off gel nail application is straightforward to do, unlike other traditional counterparts. Here are the steps you need to take for beautiful soak-off nail colors:

  • Select and apply the soak-off  color of your choice
  • Brush your cuticle lightly to the free edge just the way you do polish your nails
  • Apply a thin straight gel. It may not give you the neat pin you want if you apply thick gel so take note.

Why should I choose Gelixir Soak off nail Color Polish?

Soak-off nail polish has the same method of application, just like regular nail polish, with each layer that is cured under a LED lamp for nearly 30 seconds and up to a minute under a traditional UV lamp. The nails are placed under this light for it to dry before putting another layer on it.

What makes a soak-off different is that you will not necessarily have to wait a long time for the first layer to dry before placing the next layer on it. Additionally, soak off nail polish maintains a neat nail for close to 3 weeks without peeling off or whittling.

Here are the amazing facts you would love to know about Gelixir soak-off nail color polish:

Long-lasting period

Courtesy of its lightweight formula, soak off nail color polish lasts up to 3 weeks on your nails and shines like you just applied it. It does not scrap or fade for as long as it lasts on your nails. It feels natural on your fingers without any harmful effects.

Immediate dry time

Soak off nail polish drying time depends on the type of nail lamp you use. With a LED light, soak off gets dry within 5 seconds of application, while UV lamp may take up to 2-3 minutes before it dries up. So for quick dry, I recommend a LED light. Even though you need to cure each layer before placing the next on it, soak off polish does not require a long period to heal completely.

Perfect for nails

Adverse to popular belief, soak off nail polish does not damage or harm your nails. The gel may only cause minor defects to your nail bed if you do not apply it the proper way you ought to. If you follow the application instructions, it will instead strengthen your nails to grow stronger and longer hence preventing them from breaking or ripping off. Ensure to follow the instructions when removing your soak-off color gel.

No irritant on touch-ups

A slight gap may surface under your nail as they grow longer; you can visit your salon for a quick touch-up or do it yourself at home. Just apply the polish to fill in space, and you have a neat nail once again instead of starting all over again.

No odor

If you happen to be a constant acrylic paint user, you will register the kind of harsh and robust odor present in it. Soak off nail polish is chemical-free and does not have any smell. It is the best for those who are allergic to perfume.

Easy removal procedure

Gelixir soak-off nail color polish is easy to remove at home without causing any damage to your nails if you do not feel the need to visit your nail technician. You can remove it by wiping the nail with acetone because of its long-lasting formula. You can also use Nail Steamer or soak-off nail polish remover drapes. These are the simple ways to remove your soak-off nail polish without ripping your nails off.

Gives professional results

If you practice using a soak-off nail color polish, you will marvel at its professional outcome. It gives your nails a shining and glowing view without the fear of it steaky, unlike regular nail polish. Its easy application makes it unique from the traditional gel. Gelixir soak off gel polish colors works like magic with its gel performance. It is no-doubting nail polish. Just grab your color choice.


Getting a perfect soak-off nail color polish can be as frustrating as getting your ideal party attire. To save you the stress of jumping from one salon to the other, Gelixir gel is the correct plug for a shining nail.