Hottest Nail Colors for Summer 2021

We just ended a devastating year, and everyone is looking forward to a successful and happy future. The year 2020 took a lot from us, but we have to find a way to live with the losses. Perhaps we were used to working from home such that we almost forgot that the look on our nails still matters. With no night outs, no office with colleagues, and most certainly no vacations, polishing our nails was bound to have made less meaning. However, in 2021 we should focus on rejuvenating ourselves and showing life that took a huge toll on us that we do not give up such easily. Summer is coming, and you need to be prepared with the best nail design and colors that will make your festive more glamorous.

Luckily, we are always with you every step of the way to guide you on the best and safest products for every occasion. For your manicure this summer, you can try Kiara sky, SNS, and DND gel polish, or any other nail polish from your favorite manufacturer. We want you to rock with the classiest and most luxurious SNS, Kiara sky, or DND nails. To see this through, we have compiled a list of the most highly rated and hottest summer nail colors for 2021 that you should definitely try out.

Top Nail Colors for Summer

Vibrant Yellow

Ask the professionals to recommend the best summer color, and they will definitely refer you to vibrant yellow. Besides giving you an out of this world look, its other purpose is to make a statement uniquely. Vibrant yellow is a great summer color option for 2021 because it fills you with enlightenment, hope, and happiness. After the monstrous 2020 pandemic, this luminous color is what you need in this year’s summer for your manicure because it paves the way for healing and rejuvenation. It will be great for your summer festival, barbeque, and your every other summer plan.


We always strive to ensure that there is a color for every skin tone and Spearmint is just the color that we would like you to try. The shade has a feminine look, and the light green hue is every manicure lover’s fantasy. Spearmint has not been trending in the previous few years, but in 2021, it is making a world-class comeback. Imagine how irresistible you will be this summer with Spearmint on your nails. All we need is to make your friends envious of your new sleek and unique look, and this color will give you the mien you desire. It can also pair with white, beige, or blue outfits leaving with an eye-catching and mouth-watering look perfect for your summer festivities.


If you prefer to go for an easy to apply yet stunning color, you should scour the shelves of your nearest nail products store looking for Mulberry. It is an excellent option for an everyday manicure and attractive for your summer festivities. The fact that the color is less daring makes it an easy trend to pull off. Furthermore, it is a perfect option for every nail shape. The color might be understated, but it is your avenue to an admirable manicure. It easily matches your shoes, bag, and other accessories giving you femininity yet a staunch look.


In this years’ summer, you need a color that will elicit creativity, sunshine, and warmth; bold orange will give you all these and more. With this color, you can create an exciting contrast that will provide you with an out of this world look. It is also an excellent color to pair with other neutral colors like beige, nudes, whites, and solid blacks. Furthermore, it looks great for every skin tone, but it mostly stands out in neutral undertone skins.


The year 2021 promises new things, and Jacaranda nail color should be the latest thing on your shelf. Besides being an easy color to pull off, it is 2021’s most irresistible trend. This blueish-purple hue elicits the thoughts of beautiful flowers on a serene land that provokes a heavenly tranquil and a feminine feeling that is hard to shake off. If you have a fair skin tone and if a little pop of colors seems interesting to you, then Jacaranda should be your summer’s most fantastic companion. The elegance it elicits will help you shake off the 2020 dark memories and allow you to start over in a stunning and luxurious style.


If we had pixie powers, we would have erased 2020 from your memories, but we are just human. However, you do not have to worry because we can share some of the best techniques to help you move on. Wearing excellent DND gel nail polish for your manicure is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your life and rekindle your dreams. Therefore, we have come up with some of the hottest summer colors trending in 2021. Go for the color that seems most exciting, and we assure you that besides leaving you looking all gorgeous, it will give you the strength you have been looking for.