How to DND Nail Polish Is Free from All Toxic Chemicals

In the days gone by, nail polish used to be made from organic chemicals found in plants and other similar sources. Over a period, intense business competition forced nail polish manufacturers to add fast and permanent colors to enhance nail manicures’ glitter and longevity. Unfortunately, it included the addition of toxic chemicals known for causing dangerous medical problems.

In the last decade, the awareness levels have increased in people. As a result, they started avoiding nail polish products containing harmful chemicals. Manufacturers also started advertising that their products are 3-free or 10-free. What do they mean by 3-free? It signifies that the nail polish product is free of the three most toxic chemicals generally found in nail polish. Reputed products like DND daisy gel polish offer such products free from poisonous materials.

Let us see what the three primary toxic chemicals, also known as carcinogens, are.


Toluene has been present in nail polish for a long time. About 30 years back, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel certified that Toluene was safe for use in cosmetic nail products as long as its concentration level did not exceed 50%. When the panel re-examined the data in 2005, they reaffirmed this fact. Does it entail that Toluene is safe? The answer is a big NO.

Toluene, a voltaic organic compound (VOC), is a known carcinogen, similar to formaldehyde. Toluene can cause fertility problems leading to miscarriage and severe harm to female reproductive health. It can also affect the fetus and the newborn child. It is advisable not to expose women to Toluene during pregnancy as it can cause intrauterine growth retardation, congenital malformation, premature delivery, and post-natal developmental retardation. Thus, it can affect both the mother and the newborn child.

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, you should look out for Toluene in the nail polish ingredient list and avoid such products. You can buy DND gel polish duo as it is safe and free of Toluene.

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

Dibutyl Phthalate is a plasticizer commonly used in cosmetics and other personal care products. Canada has banned the use of DBP and five other phthalates in the toy manufacturing industry. Health Canada has found out irrefutable links between DBP and liver/kidney failure in children who suck on these toys and thereby ingest DBP in minute quantities.

Though Health Canada has not banned the use of DBP in cosmetics and nail polish, mothers should be careful not to paint their children’s fingers with products containing DBP.

The European Union has also classified DBP as an endocrine disruptor. It is also known to cause reproductive disorders, similar to Toluene. Hence, expectant mothers and other women trying to conceive should stay away from DBP as it can affect their reproductive system and interfere with pre-natal and post-natal development.

It is thus, advisable to buy DND nail polish because it does not contain DBP and is hence, safe for use.


Formaldehyde is used for hardening nails. It bonds with keratin to harden nails. The European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (ESCCS) reviewed formaldehyde use in nail hardeners in 2014. It concluded that it is safe to use formaldehyde in nail products if the concentration level is up to 2.2%.

People can question what will happen if we use formaldehyde in nail products. Frequent usage of formaldehyde on your nails can make them brittle. It could lead to splitting, breakage, and peeling of your nails.

Formaldehyde use also leads to a medical problem known as formaldehyde sensitivity. It entails that people sensitive to formaldehyde can develop medical issues like eye irritation, allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, or skin irritation. Unfortunately, formaldehyde is also present in other domestic products like bedsheets, mattresses, clothing, etc.

Be careful when choosing your nail polish

It is better to avoid these three chemicals when purchasing nail care products. Besides these toxic chemicals, there are many other poisonous materials used in the nail care industry.

Some of the commonly used toxic chemicals are TSFR (Toluene Sulfonamide and Formaldehyde Resin), camphor, and other plasticizers like pentanyl diisobutyrate. Besides these chemicals, nail polish products also contain harmful products from the plant, animal, and synthetic sources.

If you are a vegan, it is advisable to avoid nail polish that contains ingredients like Cochineal, pearl, and guanine. Cochineal is made from crushed insects, whereas pearl and guanine are manufactured from fish scales and skin.

DND DC gel polish is free from such chemicals and has a reputation for being a vegan product. Hence, it is better to go through the entire list of ingredients to confirm no poisonous chemicals are involved in its manufacture. The usage of such toxic substances can harm your health and that of your unborn and newborn children.

Exercising a little care when purchasing your nail polish can pay rich dividends in life.